Email marketing is still one of the best platforms for a great ROI. For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32.

DMA, 2018


Get the best Email Marketing Service in Lagos

...With a high open rate and results

As old as email marketing is, it is unarguably still the most effective client conversion channel in marketing even more than social media or any other digital marketing platform. It is the medium through which we communicate, build, nurture and convert leads into customers and promote our products and services.

But just because we have been sending emails all our business life doesn't mean we have been using it as productive as we should. As a matter of fact, email marketing involves a whole lot more than just sharing emails with clients or dishing out instructions to colleagues. For a business to grow and get new customers, it must be strategic with its emails and ensure that they are well targeted, gets delivered and opened, responded to, measured and achieve the right conversion goals they set them for.

Business With Measure is a leading email marketing agency with the hands-on experience to complement and speed up your client conversion cycle with great email marketing strategies. From crafting engaging letters to drip emails, email automation and analytics, our email marketing experts will help you build a relationship with your new prospects, retain the old customers and turn your leads into your loyal brand ambassadors.

Follow up with Prospects using Emails

Let's develop an email sequence that is efficient for you

Whatever your customer acquisition or retention goal is, emails are one of the best means to do them, but to achieve them, your emails must get opened, responded to and achieve the conversion goals they are set for.

When combined with our social media marketing and pay per click services it can be used to follow up with a customer that didn't complete a sales process on your website or to send well-segmented automated emails, or to learn about your customer's response to your emails; the delivery rate, open rate, click-through-rate or where they visit afterwards and lots more.

We are very proficient in list segmentation, lead nurturing, CRM, and analytics and ensure that our email marketing campaigns are accurately targeted and provide the desired results for you. Just like our other digital marketing services we effectively track, test, analyse, and improve campaigns until we are sure they are a perfect match for your business model.

Use Our Well-written Email Marketing Templates

...With proven results and ROI

A great email marketing strategy is one that provides you with a single platform to design, test, deploy, monitor and analyse emails for effective targeting and should also produce very high value for your business.

Our professionally administered email marketing campaigns come with definite strategies, list management, well-written and deployed emails, tracking, measurement and a great ROI.

For your business, investing in e-mail marketing is the decision to make in monitoring your clients. But to achieve success, it must be done professionally by experienced hands.

At BWM, we use the right tools to make your overall email marketing campaign to achieve all these and many more objectives to complement your other digital marketing efforts.

Want to generate leads and nurture them into customers?

Here is our Ideal Process

A systematic funnel from prospects to clients.

Design and send out the best emails for your business with little or no supervision from you. All professionally.
Launch a goal-oriented promotion and create segmentation for your clients based on how they relate with your business and send them personalised emails.
Want to run a campaign, we will create the best campaign designs for you and provide you with the right metrics how well their engagements are. Who's opening and clicking?
With the quality leads gotten, we begin to send engaging contents to your leads thereby nurturing them into your paying clients.

..And Here Are What We Can Do For you

Our Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Strategy

Our email marketing strategy is a complete package that includes everything you need to succeed with emails. It is total management of your email marketing campaigns from strategy creation to email development to execution.

Part of what we provide include list building, conversion optimization, email deliverability, tracking, coding, email testing and reporting. With our strategy, you are sure to achieve the best open-rate, click-through rate and conversion with your marketing campaigns.

Email Copywriting

Writing great emails can be daunting at times especially when you have different purposes for writing them and to different people. Personalized emails usually require a lot of work.

Whether it's a welcome email, an activation email or an upselling email, we have great content writers that can handle this for with assured open rates. From great email subjects to brilliant email bodies we are sure of delivering you the best conversions

Email Integration & Automation

Our email automation services are not just going to generate income for you when you are asleep, they are also sure to provide you with great data that will be used to create personalized contents for your contacts.

They are also sure to help create more income for you from your website traffic and campaigns. With data gathering from the automation, we can integrate your list with a customer relationship management system to send out personalised emails to different prospects based on their behaviour, demographics and interaction with your website or landing page.

Email Template Design

Let's save you the stress of designing different templates for various purposes. Be it a newsletter, promotional email, company news or a subscription email, we are great at using the best graphics to create rich templates that are engaging, catchy and plug and play for you.

With our custom designed templates comes responsiveness. This means no matter where your emails are viewed, they will always adapt to the devices and display well.


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