What is Pay Per Click Advertisement?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising platform where you create adverts and campaigns to bid against other competitors for advertising space on search engines like Google or on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and others to showcase your product or website to targeted audiences. As a paid service, PPC gives your website a higher priority and places it above competitors on the search engine results pages thereby increasing your website traffic.

Beyond that, Pay Per Click can do more! With remarketing, you can show adverts repeatedly to returning customers or people that might need more than one visit to your website to convert. These adverts (texts, images, videos, mobile app downloads, and all sort of multimedia), will follow them anywhere they go on the internet and continue to remind them about your offer until they finally convert.

While Search Engine Optimization is organic , long term and can take some time to see results, Pay Per Click provides accelerated, measurable, insightful and faster ROI, and the best part, you don't pay until someone actually clicks on your ad. A great example is Google Ads.

Promote Your Business With Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) accounts for 97% of Google's revenue and is a very important aspect of their business so a lot of preference is placed on it especially for their advertisers. Over the years, it has been used by a lot of businesses to drastically grow their business and website traffic. It is a very effective PPC platform that provides you with a greater ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

The beauty of Google Ads is that even though the competition is high and it is an auction, it provides you with a level playing ground with the fortune 500 companies and no preference is given to the big shots. So even small businesses can compete for ad spaces. Rather than financial strength, the auction is based on your website quality score.

If your business is looking to buy its way to the top of the result pages, then Google Ads is the solution; and if you are looking for the best digital marketing agency in lagos, Nigeria to help you out, we are here to do that.

The Benefits...

It is very cost-efficient as you only pay when people click your adverts

Create text, pictures, images and videos ads to targeted people across the internet

It is flexible, very scalable & extremely measureable

It provides you with what keywords your competitors are targeting to excel.

Advertise as many products and services you want even through emails, Youtube & all Google Display Networks

How Online Ads can help grow your business

...and turn it into the best investment you ever made online


We provide an excellent PPC Management Service

Let our team handle your campaigns for efficiency.

Although Pay Per Click Advertising is very effective, it can require a significant budget and smart digital marketing professionals to manage it in order to get the best Return On Ad Spend. To rank for a keyword on the search pages, your campaigns must have a high-quality score. These ranges from ad relevancy, landing page quality, your ad copy, click through rate amongst others. A high-quality score equals lower costs and a better ranking position.

PPC advertising is highly competitive and very tactical, so a wrongly set campaign will end up gulping a lot of Ads spend with little or no results. But to excel, we set a goal and follow our winning strategies to achieve it

At BWM, our PPC specialists are Google certified to set up your account, run and manage your campaigns and ensure that you get the best out of them. We develop a a smart ad campaign based on your business model, do keyword research, run A/B tests, analyse the campaigns and study the numbers to ascertain what works best. We also provide you with a very well detailed report of the ad performance and advice on what to do to get better.

Want to Use PPC to Grow Your Business?

Here is our Ideal Process

Define a campaign goal
We carry out an analysis on your business model to ascertain the best platform for it.
Ads Creation
We design the right creatives for the different type of ads based on the audience, ad type, placement and other factors and run them through different tests to ascertain the best performing ones.
Strategy Creation
With information about your target audience, content type and other demographics, we'll work with you to create a customised working social strategy for you
Monitoring & Management
A successful campaign is one that has been studied, monitored and fine-tuned. When we set campaigns for our clients, we don't just abandon it. We keep our eyes on it everytime.

Our Online Campaign Services

So how do you want to grow your business?


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