Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

....and get more than just likes, shares, and followers

Social media success now involves more than just having a profile.

It requires the creativity and skills to humanize your business and position it as an authority to the populace to gain their trust and loyalty. Unarguably, for a business to survive, social media should be part of its core marketing plans to drive home that patronage, increased sales, good customer relationship, and brand awareness.

Right from the username creation, to the content development, continuous engagements, and promotions, it should ensure that its social media profiles are set up with the right objectives, to the right people and for a mutual benefit to you and ultimately to your customers. It must be a win-win situation.

These days, millions of people rely on the social media for feedback, opinions, and advice before deciding on a product or brand and it's in your best interest if you are found where and when they do that. An excellent social media strategy is one that speaks directly to your target audience, creates a lasting impression, build trust amongst your followers, and achieve your online goals, and that is what we deliver.

In Nigeria alone, there is 86.03% usage of Facebook, 5.19% of Twitter, 2.3% of Youtube and 0.85% of LinkedIn by different internet users for various purposes.


Position your Brand on the Right Social Platforms

...and get the best engagements, brand awareness and industry authority

The honest truth? There is no point being on different social media platforms if they are not productive to you. To be successful with using social media for your business, you need to know what your objectives, content type, the audience and the best platform(s) to position yourself rightly. If you fail to do this, you will realise that you are committing a lot of resources to it and not getting results. Sadly, this is the case with most businesses. they create numerous profiles without studying their business model and the most effective social platform to promote it.

So what do we do?

We go all the way to study your business and its industry-related activities and position it ONLY on the best and most effective social media platforms meant for it. We publish and promote valuable contents to where your laser-targeted audiences will find it and find it useful. This way, we are not wasting efforts but directly communicating with audiences that matter to you; people who have shown interest in you, show interest or will show interest in your business.

What Social Media Platforms Best Fits Your Brand?

Use Social Media as a Business Tool for You

...Convert Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, into a financial magnet

The social media can be turned into a money spinner if you set it as one.

Most businesses on different social media platforms are just there and are not seeing any financial impact of it on their business or its overall performance. Over the years, social media has been turned into a money-making tool to promote product and services and make incredible sales,

Your competitors and the market can be researched to get insights, data, and other details about what is working best and do them. If your brand can be present anywhere a service or good related to you is being inquired or talked about, and your profile is found to be an authority in that field with your contents and responses, then your chances of closing a sale or business deals are high.

With our highly-skilled digital marketing professionals, all efforts will be focused on setting your social media profiles as a financial magnet that draws people to your brand. We will listen and monitor your brand across the internet and front it as a leader, thereby increasing your potential profit.


Here is our Ideal Process

A complete audit and optimization of your social media profiles

Business Model Review
We carry out an analysis on your business model to ascertain the best platform for it.
Social Profile Analysis
We analyze your existing social media platforms and audit it. This provides us with the right metrics and rightful steps to take to steer your profiles in the right direction
Strategy Creation
With information about your target audience, content type and other demographics, we'll work with you to create a customised working social strategy
Execution and Management
After getting the right path to follow, we create a schedule of engaging activities that will be executed on your profiles to ensure they are always active and alive.

Our Social Media Management Services

Social Media Marketing

If already have an exisitng social media profile, we can audit and optimize it for you but if you don't, based on the nature of your business, we can one up.
This involves using the right cover photo, the most relevant descriptions that speaks quality of you and catches the attention of your visitors on their first visit. We also set up a social media strategy that will run over a specified period of time.

Campaign Management

Want to reach a broader spectrum of highly targeted people for different purposes like brand awareness, product launch, page boost, post promotion, etc.?
Let us run a very effective advertisement for you. We set up, manage, optimize, and monitor your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns for best performance and provide you with analytics on how well they are performing.

Content Production

Are you having problems with pushing out quality contents on your social media platforms that spike your social signals and improve your brand's seo ranking? Do you have issues with their consistency or are too busy to update them?
No matter your business niche, we have highly qualified content writers that can take up this responsibility from you while you concentrate on other needs. We go deep into research to find out what is buzzing in your field of interest and provide up to date news, information, and updates to your beaming customers.

Community Management

Do you need to build a community of your enthusiasts across all social media platforms, manage them and grow it into a vibrant and active group of followers and fans?
We are professionals at attracting the right people to a brand on social media through the creation of different devices. We run contests, gamification, constructive debates, quizzes, updates amongst others to ensure we maintain a very active social media community for you.

So do you want to...

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