Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Get trained by an actual Agency and not a school.
Learn exactly the methods, tools and strategies we use in our own agency!

Digital Strategy | Online Advertising | Social Media | Automation | Email Proficiency | Analytics.

For our digital marketing training, we don't teach but show you over the shoulder practically how to excel on the internet. We believe digital marketing is very practical and must be result-oriented.

We use our agency documents to design customized training that focuses on your organization's immediate problems. No unnecessary boring slides or obsolete PDFs but 85% practical training.

Why Our Digital Marketing Training is Best for You

Our training is 80% practicals and 20% theory. Our curriculum is very focused on achieving results for our clients through the implementation of everything being taught. We are concerned about the results. Contrary to what is achievable in the training centres in Nigeria, an online marketing training should teach what is implementable in the business world. It should not dish out a pile of documents that end up in your email without a clear view of how to use or turn them into money.

To us, a digital marketing training isn't just about social media, running ads, sending out emails or designing a website, we believe a concise marketing training should be about how to use the best internet marketing tools available to achieve a desired goal and that is exactly what we do. At Business With Measure, we provide you with hands-on practicals on how to bring together all the various aspects of digital marketing relevant to your brand. This includes using office tools, automation, productivity tools and all the business marketing tools that we use. Want to strengthen your team with the right knowledge they need to take your business to the top? Then let's get you on board our training program.

Why Choose Us?

Having been one of the only selected Digital Marketing Agency by the Federal Ministry of Information to conduct digital training and empowerment across Nigeria for companies, NGOs, small startups, entrepreneurs, agency owners, and so on...we pride ourselves to say we are one of the best.

Our trainers are locally and internationally certified in Digital Marketing with hands-on experience about how to use digital marketing. By getting trained by us, we expose you to all you should know and be concerned about to make your business or brand grow. No knowledge paralysis or bombardment with obsolete PDFs or documents that don't produce results.

What We Provide You

  • 85% Practical Training or Money Back

  • Our Own Strategy Documents

  • Free Support Up to a Year

  • Customised Training with Your Brand in focus

  • Hands-On Training From Experience

  • Syndicate Assignments, Project Follow-Up

  • Both In-house & Outdoor Arrangement Across Nigeria

An Online Marketing Training Taught Over The Shoulder

Digital Strategy

All from our years of experience, we teach you how to develop a strategy that takes your business from its current state to a profit-making point. We open our books and teach your team all they need to know about drafting a digital plan that will surely provide results for your organization.

Client Acquisition

Prospects and quality leads are a major asset to an organization. With our training, your team will learn the channels through they can generate high-quality leads and nurture them. Right from the funnel, to marketing automation and conversion, you are sure to see outstanding results.

Inbound Revenue Generation

Income flow can be a problem for businesses if there isn't a system in place that creates a stable flow of clients. Using our proven tactics, you will learn the exact steps that we take to take to get a steady flow of customers and revenue using digital marketing

Sales Growth & Revamping

The internet is the best new tool to maximize your sales performance. Your team will learn how to use the internt to turn your sales around. You will be taught how to develop sales funnels that takes your prospects from one conversion stage to another. All practicals

Our Gallery

A cross-section of some of the training sessions we have organised across Nigeria

In-house Digital Marketing Training in Lagos

Lagos State, South West Digital Marketing Training

Kano State, Northern Region Digital Marketing Training

Kwara State, North Central Digital Marketing Training

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