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Your website is assumed your office and your first point of contact online with people interested in your business. It is where all campaigns, social media activities, Google adverts and Facebook promotions and all online marketing efforts point to for more information about you and your services. So if there is any aspect of your business that should get all the attention, it definitely should be your website. Otherwise, how else do you prove to prospects that you are professional?

The public's perception of a business these days rely heavily on their website. Whenever people search for ideas, solutions, products and services online, a business with a well-designed website will always have an edge over a competitor without one or a badly built website. This is because a website provides readily available information about a brand and builds confidence in people. So when designing a website, we ensure it resonates with your business model, appeals to your visitors, is well-structured and communicates your message rightly to people searching for you online.


Get both local and international exposure and awareness for your brand

Let your website automatically work and sell especially when you aren't there.

Get insights on where your customers come from and what they want

Position yourself as a market leader and gain trust from your perspects.

We Mix Functionality With Great Aesthetics

Set aside the main functionality of your website, our designs and creativity are guaranteed to create a stamp on the mind of your website visitors thereby bringing them back every time. We don't use stock templates but create customised designs for you which will make your website stand out always amongst your competitors.

We ensure our websites are well blended with beautiful colours to attract the eyes and give it the life it should have.
There is no compromise with the quality of design we do. If we need to, we go all the way to ensure you get the best design
We create eye-catching, rich and unique graphics that will stimulate and attract customers to your website and give you the classy and unique status your business deserves.

What Our Websites Always Come With...

Here are some of the features we make compulsory for all our website designs. Right from their implementation stage, we ensure we integrate these essential website instruments in our website design process. They are the inevitable requirements we ensure our websites have in order to stand ahead of others and please both its users and search engines.

Google-Friendly Designs

Why have a website if it won't be found on search engines? Our designs ensure your website is not only found on Google but rank higher than your competitors through the use of targeted keywords and contents.

Complete Autonomy

We believe as a business owner, you should have total control of your website. Unlike others, we provide you with complete access to your website so that you can make changes or upload contents without being charged.

Easy Navigation & Userability

Getting a website design can not only be brain-tasking but also time-consuming. But at BWM, we never disappoint our delivery time. As a matter of fact, we promise to deliver the first service just an hour after we sign an agreement.

Rich & Attractive Contents

Our websites come with very unique, crisp and classy visuals. This is because people are attracted to colours and beautiful images and at that, we don't compromise on the quality of our images and videos. All images depict the right messaging.

Mobile Responsiveness

We design our websites to make sure they allow your visitors to enjoy the same experience across all devices they view your website from without everything looking all muddled up.
So if they are trying to fill a form on the desktop, and they continue on their mobile phone or tab, they will experience the same interface without any confusion. This is a very important factor in search engine optimization.

How We Create Excellent Websites

To us, our ultimate focus is your customers and visitors to your website and so we design a website that creates a seamless user experience when they are on your website. Every word, button, call-to-action, image and all audio-visuals resonates with your brand and its goals and objectives.

1. Discuss your objectives

We are experts at web design but without discussing your set goals and the clear direction you want your business to take, we are not getting started yet. We brainstorm with you and ensure that the website is designed exactly as it should be and should clearly achieve the goals you want it to .

2. Creative & Design

One thing that should stand you out about your website is creativity and uniqueness. Our graphic designers know what aesthetics means and will design breath-taking images and audio-visuals that properly represents and translate your message and services with pictures.

3. Website Development

No matter what you want your website to portray your business as, our developers are one of the best to do that for you. We add bespoke features and an excellent user interface to improve your visitor's experience. Whether it is to redesign your existing website or build a new one from the ground up, we are sure to never disappoint you.

4. We Deliver Promptly & Publish

Once we are done with the development of your website, we take it through a rigorous check to be very sure everything checks before making it live. We also know that getting a website design can not only be brain-tasking but also time-consuming. But at BWM, we never disappoint our delivery time. As a matter of fact, we promise to deliver the first service just an hour after we sign an agreement.

What We Can Design For You

At Business With Measure, we don't believe one-size-fits-all. We believe for each business model, there should be a unique website that represents the brand correctly online. We dedicate a project manager to you that ensures your website is custom built specifically to your need.
We have a high turn-around time and ensure all contents on your website are search engine optimized and best fitted on all devices it is viewed on. So no matter your website need, we are ready to handle it for you. It's not just a job for us. It's a passion.

Business Websites

| Company | Government | Real Estate | Restaurant | Hotels | Etc...

As a brand or business owner, your goal is to reach as many customers as possible with your perfectly looking website. This website should display correctly all the information about your business and all you can do including a clear call to action and contact details.

At BWM, we understand all that a business website should comprise of to be called an authority website and that is exactly what we will design for you. Just tell us your aim and objective and we will take care of the rest perfectly for you.

E-commerce Websites

| Shopify | WooCommerce | Magento | OpenCart | Etc..

Are you looking to sell a product, goods or services that require online purchase or order placement? Then you will need a well structured, easy to understand e-commerce website that carefully categorizes your items for easy navigation. You will also need it to be flawlessly integrated with a payment platform that delivers excellence both for you and your online buyers.

If all these and more sound exactly like what you are looking for? Then we are the guys to handle it for you. Our team of experts will carefully look at your products and help you design a website that will make shopping on it a wonderful experience.

Custom Websites

| Informational | Entertainment | News | Educational | Media | Blogs | Portfolio | Etc...

When it comes to designing custom websites, we unleash our creativity. We can create beautiful and functional designs out of any idea you have in mind about design. This can be a personal website, a blog, an NGO website, an informational website or even a government website.

Whatever it is you want you to achieve with an online presence, we have the required skillset to turn it into a well-structured and performance-based website that will impress you and your website visitors.




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